What you buy and where you buy it from has a real impact. Seawhite is recognised and accredited as having the highest standards in regard to sustainability.

Our approach can be best summarised in three pillars:


Our focus on local, sustainable production has been a logical progression – we have always liked to control as much of our business as we can. In the current climate, the importance of control cannot be overstated.

Making things ourselves and building relationships with like-minded suppliers has enabled us to take increasing control of both quality and service. Our customers join a supply chain that offers a high degree of security and integrity.

Over 80% of our products are made by us or sourced locally in the UK, with our cartridge paper, coloured card, and paper ranges produced to our own specification in the UK and Europe. We are dedicated to developing papers that respect the principles of a circular economy.

We are making positive choices when it comes to our facilities and operations. In 2022 we completed the installation of solar panels on our Sussex units, enabling the production of pads to be 100% powered by renewable energy.

We also look for smaller changes where possible, such as the replacement of all lighting with low energy LED bulbs in 2021 and extensive investment in packaging recycling machinery.



Keeping production close to home yields benefits in relation to both quality and environmental impact - it also helps us stay at the forefront of developing innovative, sustainable products. This includes:

CupCycling™ Paper & Pads

Through our partnership with James Cropper PLC, we created the CupCycling™ range of paper and pads. CupCycling™ products are made from recycled single-use coffee cups (from outlets including Costa and McDonalds) and are one of our most significant contributions to the national reduction of single use plastics.

The end result is a high-performance, versatile art paper by bringing together high-quality cup fibres and our own all-media formulation. The partnership demonstrates how a zero-waste process can also present real creative possibilities.

Cupcycling Pad

Pictured: Products from our Cupcycling™ range

The ‘Crush’ Paper Range

Our ECO Toned Sketchbook and Toned Crush Paper ranges are made with eco-friendly paper. The paper is produced by replacing up to 15% of virgin tree pulp with the process residues of organic products, including corn cobs. The organic residues are processed with recycled and virgin pulp, using hydroelectric power. The end result is a beautiful, natural paper suitable for a wide variety of drawing media.

Pictured: Products using 'crush' paper made from corn cobs

Recycled Watercolour Pads & Blocks

Our UK-made recycled watercolour pads and blocks use FSC® certified paper and are made with 25% reclaimed cotton. These products are certified carbon neutral.


Pictured: Seawhite Recycled Watercolour Pad


We build trust through our actions but also through independent audits and accreditations:


Seawhite is currently ISO 14001 certified – meaning it is recognised by an international set of standards for commitment to reducing environmental impact.


Seawhite is registered with Sedex – an online database that allows buyers and suppliers to share data about how sustainable, responsible, and ethical their business practices are – helping them to improve where possible.

Dun & Bradstreet Rating

Seawhite holds the highest D&B rating for environmental, social and governance; at the time of writing, higher than any competing companies in our sector.


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